When planning your labour requirements, what scenarios constantly arise?

  • The seasonal nature of my business or when I have a large contract means I need extra workers at busy times.
  • My business has hit a growth spurt, but I don't know if I can commit to hiring more staff, what happens if the busy period ends and I'm left with employees I can't afford to keep?
  • I have a small business, when one staff member lets me down by not turning up my whole business, and my customers, are affected.
  • It is hard to stay up to date with constantly changing employment legislation.
  • I find the 3 month trial period is not long enough; the unfair dismissal legislation is unfair to the employer.
  • If any of these situations apply to your business, Cohort Labour Supply is the solution.

    Cohort Labour Supply employs skilled workers and contracts them to you for an agreed hourly fee on a long or short term basis.

    Enables fast and efficient expansion of a flexible workforce to compliment existing permanent employees.

    Ideal for seasonal peaks in workload or meeting a deadline for project completion. You may then request to hold workers for another period or offer the employee a permanent position. In this case a predetermined recruitment fee is charged.

    We know that the speed of response is critical so we deliver within the timeframe you demand.

    Cohort looks after all recruitment, contract of employment, payroll, work permit or visa (if required), PAYE / PRSI, holiday pay and administration.